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Maximilian Schmige

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Maximilian Schmige was born in Berlin, Germany and is a dual citizen of Germany and Finland. He is the son of the well-known German movie and TV writer Hartmann Schmige, who encouraged him to pursue a career in film.

Schmige has photographed feature films in the US and abroad. He has photographed music videos viewed by over 100 Million People on YouTube and filmed TV shows for Networks such as NBC Sports, BET, Bravo, TVOne, VH1, and VerizonGo90.

He is also know for his ground breaking work in virtual reality and 360 filmmaking. The VR film Rose-Colored was the 2018 Lumiere Award winner for best Live Action VR film.

Schmige also was awarded the Hollywood Foreign Press Award and recipient of the FujiFilm Grant.

He resides in Los Angeles and splits his time between the USA, Europe and anyplace work takes him. He graduated from the American Film institute with a Masters in cinematography and a member of Local 600 as a Director of Photography.