Maximilian Schmige was born in Berlin, Germany and is a dual citizen of Germany and Finland. He is the son of the well-known German movie and TV writer Hartmann Schmige.

Schmige has filmed TV shows for Networks such as NBC, NBC Sports, BET, Bravo, TVOne, VH1, and VerizonGo90. Music video work includes for top European artists such as Booba, Jenn Ayache, and Asaf Avidan. Recently completed 2nd unit work for season 2 on Cosmos with Neil DeGrass Tyson. Schmige has done extensive travel for work including Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Greece, Russia, India, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Schmige’s has specialized skills in underwater cinematography and commercial virtual reality filmmaking.

He resides in Los Angeles and splits his time between the USA, Europe and anyplace work takes him. He graduated from the American Film institute with a Masters in cinematography and is a member of IATSE Local 600 as a Director of Photography.


WINNER Hollywood Foreign Press Award

WINNER FujiFilm Grant Recipient

NOMINATED Berlin Music Video Awards for Asaf Avidan Music Video


NOMINATED Banff World Media Awards for Young Guns TV series

NOMINATED FANtastic Award best cinematography "Skitta Merrink" Short


"Can't Have You” (feature, Dir: Mark Altman)

Nota” (feature, Dir: Yasu Tanaka)

"School & Board" (mini-series 5-Episodes) Dir: David Morgan Prod: Multiview


NBC Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful” NBC Sports

The Game of Dating” (10 Episodes Gaming Show) Tvone Prod: A. Smith Co.

Nellyville” (2 Seasons; 20 Episodes Docu Drama) Prod: eOne

It's A Mann's world” (2 Seasons; 20 Episodes) BET Prod: eOne

"The Mann's" (1 season; 10 Episodes) TV One Prod: eOne

"Young Guns" (1 season: 48 Episodes) VerizonGo90 Prod: Rogue Atlas

Music Videos

Sarah Darling "Where Cowboys Ride" Dir: Benjamin Kutsko Prod: HKcorp

Jenn Ayache “l'americain” Dir: Nico Davenel Prod: HK Corp, Inc.

Sonny “Not gonna leave her Alone” Dir: Sonny Label: Warner Music

Asaf Avidan “Over my head” Dir: JB Lefournier Prod: HK Corp, Inc.

Booba “Turfu” Dir: Chris Maccari Prod: HK Corp, Inc.

Booba “OKLM” Dir: Chris Maccari Prod: HK Corp, Inc.

Nathalie Beaton “cafe bleau” Dir: Chris Maccari Prod: HK Corp, Inc.


AT&T (with James Harden & Tony Parker) Dir: William Hamilton

Cleatskins (with Jeff Garcia) Dir: Pierce Michael Kavanagh

Orange Mobile Network Dir: Elsa Blayou

Pandora Jewelry Dir: Michael Aoun

Century Link Dir: Rogue Rubin

Everly App Dir: Des Sedaghat

Skechers Dir: Maximilian Schmige

EP & LP Dir: Sophia Banks

Baraboux Fashion Prod: TANK Magazine

UNKUT Paris Dir: Nico Davenel

Virtual Reality

Rose Colored (360film) Dir: Adam Cosco *Lumiere Award Winner 2018*

Knives (360film) Dir: Adam Cosco *Nominated Proto Awards*

MFA in Cinematography from American Film Institute

BA in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara